FLOW is an organization that works to protect and preserve the wilderness type experience of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities and events.

Paddling the Wisconsin RiverAfter years of planning and the enviable political nightmare that precedes any decisions made in our form of government, the state of Wisconsin’s representatives did something  increasingly rare, they made a good decision.  They voted to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway for us, and our children. That was now over 20 years ago.

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway encompasses a 92 mile stretch of the Wisconsin River from Prairie du Sac to Prairie du Chein, covering nearly 80,000 acres of river, bluffs,  islands and flood plains.  Since its establishment  1989 the region has become a major attraction to nature lovers and sportsmen alike.  Over 44,000 acres of state owned land offer opportunities for camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, horseback riding and all sort of outdoor endeavor. 92 miles of unbroken riverway offers one of the longest stretches of river open to boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing in the midwest. What’s more, all this activity is shared with the amazing wildlife of the area including of course the majestic American Bald Eagles that are commonly seen overhead.

One of the groups instrumental in fighting to preserve this slice of Wisconsin for all of us was called the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin River.  The group went on a bit of a hiatus after winning the war so-to-speak  in 1989, but then came back to life when the member’s realized that the real work was just beginning.  In 1998 FLOW kicked off once more under the guidance of Timm Zumm and former DNR State Riverway Coordinator, Dave Gjestson with the goals of protecting the ecological integrity and public trust interests of the LWSR.

Over the last dozen years FLOW has done so much to protect and manage the Lower Wisconsin Riverway including everything from area clean ups to pollution investigations, that it will take another article or two to cover it all. Stay tuned…

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Download FLOW's Bylaws and ammended Articles of Incorporation.
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